domingo, 17 de marzo de 2013

Do you know our new application "Fashion Places"?

Are you in a city you haven’t met yet and you would like to do shopping? Don’t you remember your favorite shops and do you need a guide? Fashion Places helps you.

Tell where you are and Fashion places shows the shops around you. Great, isn’t it? It won’t be necessary to look for an address in a map! Fashion Places does itself. The application finds different types of shops: fashion, beauty, jewelry…

Do your favorite list and share your favorite shops with your friends. Would you know if the shirt or the pair of shoes you liked buy is available in the shop? Contact! Find the information you need in Favorite places.

Would you like to know all latest trends? Use the application and quickly you will able to look at a shop web site.

Don't wait any longer!  Start using Fashion Places!

Fashion Places Lite
Fashion Places Lite

Do you know our application "Personal Closet"?

Personal Closet allows you to have your custom closet. Sort your clothes, complements and accessories as you like! Decide what you want to wear every day.

It is very easy to use and offers many possibilities:
• Create your inventory, including photos taken with your mobile, chosen from gallery or obtained through Internet
• Organize your closet
• Create your outfits
• Search and filter your clothes, accessories and outfits
• Share your closet with your friends
• Plan your look (easier with the new weather forecast)
• Shopping using one click
• Fashion corner
• Fashion magazines
• For mobile phones and tablets
• Widget (What I wear today)
• Organize and plan your packing
• Reminders
• Sale calculator
• Clothing size conversion
• Near me (find fashion places arround me)

• Etc.

Organize your closet without mess your house up. Save time.

Personal Closet Lite